Monday, November 24, 2008

The Winter Jungle... The Tour

Farmer Jason preparing the soil for planting his cover crop of clover.  Time to put the nutrients back into the soil for our tomatoes and some new guests arriving next Spring... gonna keep a lid on that one for now... hehehehe... you KNOW how we love a good teaser...

And here it is ladies and gentlefarmers... our sophisticated rain catching system.  LOL  Ain't it great??  The first time, it happened accidentally but now we do it on purpose and use hardly any water from our hose to water the row cover and pods.  This will have to do until we get our actual rain barrel system in place.  More on that little stroke of genius later as well... see... more teasers...


Purple Cabbage

Early Dividend Broccoli and...  MORE Early Dividend Broccoli

Purple Cape Cauliflower

MORE broccoli...

And now we pause for some completely gratuitous pictures of one of our non-edibles.  This was just too stunning to not shoot.  This is our Smoke Bush all decked out in the garb of Fall.

Back to the edibles...
Rainbow Chard, Volunteer Garlic and Kale.  Everything here has been off to a slower start than we anticipated.  Thinking we need to start these about a month earlier next year... live and learn...

Second seeding of Chard.  Kinda spindly... we're planning on putting in a row cover to help these along a little.

And now under the French Chenille
Snow Peas lookin' gorgeous inside their row cover a la Francaise.

The Shallots are coming!!  The Shallots are coming!!

Happy Happy Broccoli... in DESPERATE need of thinning.  Guess we'll be having some young greens to munch on this week... YUMM!!

Looking out over the broccoli into the back of the cover, all of that green carpeting you see there is beets, beets and more beets then Chinese Cabbage.
And this is one of the alien Pods with its cover drawn back to reveal purple bunching onions.  These are going to be yummy in our greens about the end of December or January.

More gratuitous Fall color.  This time on an edible... our strawberries go out in a blaze of glory and, just when we think they are finished...

The new growth starts from the root stock.  These will be divided up and put into other pots for next year's berries.

And, finally, a few shots panning around the garden.  We think you'll find it's quite a difference from The Summer Jungle.
The Western Wall.  Lots of herbs still chugging along and those green vines in the back (and some of them not so green!) are the last planting of fresh beans still kicking out some tender little morsels.

More fresh herbs along the Northwest Wall as well as the last of the second planting of beans.  You can see the top of one of the pods in this picture.  That particular one has garlic in it.

South Wall with more herbs at the base of the pear tree.  You can see the potato condo now and onion tower with Walla Walla Sweets and yellow onions.  The two pods on the ground are garlic (uncovered and almost out of frame) and salad greens.  These little pods are really turning into a great little tool in changing over to a four-seasons garden.

More pods with onions and garlic.

Yes, this is our first tour of The Winter Jungle and we couldn't be happier with it so far.  It looks like we'll definitely be building another row cover of some sort to help boost things along that aren't growing as quickly.  More updates as the Winter Jungle here at the Shibaguyz Micro-Farm unfolds.  Thanks for coming along on this inaugural tour!!

talk to you soon...
The Shibaguyz


Frances said...

Hi Guyz, thanks for showing the big picture and Farmer Jason too! Your pods seems to be quite the ticket for protecting those edibles. The birds are eating the tips off of my sugar snap peas here! How are they going to flower and make peas if the tips keep getting pinched? Should I cover them or just let it happen until spring gives them more food? I am feeding the birds plenty now!

easygardener said...

You certainly pack a lot into a small space. I admire your dedication to winter gardening! Lovely smoke bush too - a beautiful leaf colour.

Michelle said...

I don't know if this would work in Seattle, but I start my broccoli and other brassicas in the summer for fall and winter harvesting. I seeded on July 21 this year and have done it as early as June. You're going to learn about all the possibilities when you become a Master Gardener!

compost in my shoe said...

This has been a super season for chard. I mix mine with other non-vegetable selections. Great munching throughout the winter. The parsley, fennel, cabbage and mustards are also taking off....have fun in your winter garden!

Lucy said...

Micro-Farm. Massive Crops.

Amazed you have room for non-edibles!

Strawberry autumn - the leaves couldn't be bettered.


Daphne said...

LOL I don't know. Can you really call it a jungle in the winter? You can actually see through it all without having to get into strange angles. I'm jealous though. My ground is frozen solid right now with our early cold snap. We had late December weather for about a week and now I'd need a crow bar to dig.

I spend my time dreaming about what to plant. I'm thinking of a wine colored torpedo shaped onion called Tropea. It's not quite purple, but close.

our friend Ben said...

Wow, guyz, this is nothing short of awesome! But I think a "Choking Hazard" warning is in order: Silence had to practically administer the Heimlich maneuver when I got to the homemade "rain barrel," I was laughing so hard! WHAT a classic! Seriously, your crops and systems are fantastic. And that smoke bush is outta this world! Thanks for the tour!

Mary Ann said...

It is wonderful to peer into your garden about this time of year -- mine is covered with about a food and a half of snow! Love the rain catcher. :) Happy digging!

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Your rain catchment system rivals the redneck set up my friend and I have at our greenhouse.